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Cheer Season 2 Review

It’s fascinating to see how just a little bit of fame can change people so quickly.

Cheer season two follows the same cheerleading group that we saw in season one, however this season is filmed post that season coming out and all of the excitement that surround that. We get to see how each of the people that were in season one react to this new found fame as well as some darker storylines coming out including the abuse of minors and how easily fame can go to peoples’ heads.

The big story that made this season so prolific in the news was one of the cheerleaders, Jerry, was accused and will be jailed for abusing minors within the cheerleading world. In season one Jerry was a big part of the show, he was lively and excitable and just a big character, and so to see him fall so far in such a short space of time was incredible to watch, and while they only gave one episode to this story it was a very prolific episode in that so many of his teammates could look past what he had done based on what he had done for them which I think is quite shocking.

In some ways I understand that the point of season two wasn’t just to look at that case, it was to look at the cheerleaders going off to Daytona once more to fight it out to keep their rein on first place, however they almost seem to brush it under the carpet quite quickly. And while they obviously talked about it because they had to, I don’t think they really wanted to, and it definitely put the team in a different light once you watch the episode because you start realising what their characters really are like and how with some of them their morals will go out of the window when it comes to a friend.

Moving away from that storyline however we got to see the rival cheerleaders who are going up against the main group for the championship and how they were dealing with everything going on and it was interesting to be able to have this rivalry happen in front of you. It was very Bring It On and I really enjoyed it. I did find that the second team seemed to have a lot of hate in their heart against their rivals and if they spent less time badmouthing them maybe they could get their cheerleading more in line.

If it wasn’t for everything I had seen in the news regarding the show I probably wouldn’t have watched season two just because season one wasn’t all that exciting. It was a perfectly fine show to watch but, for me, if they bring out a third season I will not be watching it because I don’t think, unless you’ve got these huge dramas happening like Covid and the accusations and just the bitterness of the people in the group, there isn’t really much there to entertain you.

What do you think of Cheer season two?

Until next time.

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