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Encanto Review

I waited a while to watch this film because I didn’t know if it was going to be up my street, and while I wouldn’t say that it is my favourite Disney movie, I really enjoyed what it was bringing to the table.

Encanto follows a family who live in a house where they all have magical powers apart from one family member called Mirabel. Through the course of the film we see that Mirabel feels left out because she doesn’t have a power and is slowly shown that in fact her being who she is and having the uniqueness that she does is her super power and makes her invaluable to this family, especially as the house starts to tumble down.

The moral of this film is that everyone has superpowers regardless of whether they actually are superpowers or not, and everyone is special regardless of how normal they may be. It also made these incredible people very human in that the strong sister, Luisa actually has a lot of weaknesses to her and the perfect sister, Julieta doesn’t want to be so perfect or be up to her family’s standards all the time. It may have quite a simple storyline but the morals behind it really hit home.

It is no secret that Lin-Manuel Miranda did the soundtrack to this film, and with anything that he has done he has a very specific style, and while I think it can get a bit old after a while because it is so similar to what he’s done before, it really worked well in this film and kept the storyline flowing through the music being used. There were moments I had to put subtitles on because I wasn’t able to understand exactly what was being said because it was being said so quickly, but once you’re able to cut all the noise and really understand the story being told to you it is super heartwarming and gave me goosebumps.

While other Disney films have had huge stories with massive adventures and lots of different locations and characters this one keeps it to a small town and a family, and while the storyline may not be the most complex, it certainly has a lot of values that really ring true to a lot of people who are just trying to be their best. I feel people could easily miss this film especially as an adult because they think it may not be their type, but as someone who did think like that and only really got into it because of the amount of love it was getting on social media I highly recommend it, because it is still a fantastic story with great music even if the storyline is a bit more underwhelming.

I definitely recommend this film and I think anyone who enjoys Disney films or animated films or even the music of Lin-Manuel Miranda should watch it because it is very well done. It can easily slip off your radar and I don’t think that’s fair for it, and I’m sure once you’ve watched it you will have the soundtrack stuck in your head for days on end like I have currently.

What do you think of Encanto?

Until next time.

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