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After Life Season 2 Review

This show is such a conundrum, one minute you’re laughing your head off at a joke and the next minute you’re crying over a bittersweet moment, your emotions never know where they’re going to go next.

After Life season 2 continues to follow the tale of Tony as he continues to come to terms with his wife’s death and how despite her being gone and the trials that he is going through life has to go on and he too has to live with that. We get to see all our favourite characters come back once again and get to see how their lives have continued since we last saw them including Tony’s possible relationship with Emma, Tony’s brother-in-law’s marriage falling apart, and even new love being formed.

Throughout this show there are a lot of highs and a lot of lows and while it’s a very typical British, cutthroat, witty show it really draws you in because the characters are incredibly relatable. You’re able to see people you know in your own life within them and it really helps you connect to the show on a deeper level then you would find elsewhere, and because of this amount of connection to the characters when things go wrong for them you can’t help feel bad and when things go right you feel such happiness for them that every moment is a joy to watch whether it’s happy or sad.

I especially love how once you watch a show like this you look at life in a different way, you appreciate little things more and the people around you and you go out into the world with a different feeling on your shoulders and it’s so fantastic. While it’s such a sad and horrible situation to see the characters go through, the amount of love and appreciation you have for life that you get from it is wonderful and it’s so perfectly done. You don’t go away feeling bogged down that you’re going to die one day but you go away feeling like you have this new lease on life, you want to make the most of it because we’re all going to die and what’s the point in wasting a minute?

I highly recommend this show if you have not watched it, it’s absolutely fantastic! You need to be in the right frame of mind to watch it I think because it is quite heavy at parts, but the light-hearted comedy really helps break that apart and make it quite an easy watch. With each episode being only half an hour long it’s super quick to get through and enjoy and you never feel like it’s a drag or getting boring. I really appreciate the British humour being British myself and I just can’t wait to see what they do in season three.

What do you think of After Life season two?

Until next time.

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