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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Review

I watched the first Bridget Jones film a little while ago and so naturally I wanted to watch the sequel, and being in a romance comedy sort of mood now seemed to be the perfect time…

In this movie we follow Bridget Jones who has been dating Mark Darcy for almost three months now and she’s wondering when he’ll propose to her. Yes, really! As a 26 year old I find it a bit mad but I can imagine a late teenage Shona would probably have enjoyed this storyline very much.

But of course regardless of how Bridget wants her fairy tale to end, things in real life don’t really go as planned. Hugh Grant pops up again and causes a rift which I mean, is very hilarious, but also is probably the most realistic part of the movie.

I watch the Hugh Grant moments and they remind me of The Ugly Truth with the way that he was describing different continents around the world and how sexual they can be. And while this storyline is quite simple of a little love triangle that really shouldn’t be a love triangle it was still an entertaining watch regardless.

So what do I think of The Edge of Reason? Well if we actually look at the characters I think both the men are not good enough for Bridget. I love Bridget Jones, she’s hilarious, she’s just a standard quirky woman and she needs a man that can actually handle her quirkiness and I don’t think either of these can. Colin Firth is too much of a bore and Hugh Grant is just a bit of a womaniser so while I need to suspend my disbelief to enjoy this movie I definitely think that Bridget should get rid of both of them and wait for a proper prince to come and sweep off her feet and give her the fairy tale she deserves.

Overall I would watch this movie again especially if I was doing a Bridget Jones marathon but watching it, it does get my feminist side raging because I do think she is far too good for these men and I do wish in someway she would’ve gone off with Rebecca instead.

What do you think of The Edge of Reason?

Until next time.

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