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Top 10 Reviews – January 2022

We started 2022 off great with over 960 views on this little website, but what were the top 10 reviews that you enjoyed reading? Let’s find out.

Stay Close – Spoiler Free

I almost knew that this one would be one of the top read reviews of the month because I included the spoiler free description. I feel with this show you have to go in some what blind to really enjoy the twists and turns it gives you, and while I could’ve revealed the murderer at the end, I had to let you find that out yourself because you would enjoy it so much more that way.


A Disney film I wasn’t planning on watching but seeing all of the hype around it online I knew I had to, and I wasn’t disappointed. While I do feel Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s music could easily get stale very quickly because it’s all very similar I do feel, for now at least, it’s still enjoyable and so is this film.

Top 10 Reviews 2021

A look back at the top 10 reviews for the whole of last year. 2021 was a brilliant year for me, I hit my goal of 12,000 views, and this year I want to hit 15,000 so if you want to help me with that please keep reading.


Dopesick was a show that I didn’t think I’d watch but seeing other people watch it and enjoy it I thought I would too. Because it is based on a true history it’s insane to see how dark the medicine industry can be in America and how greedy it all is when peoples’ health should be at the forefront.

Top 10 Reviews – December 2021

If you like Christmas movies and Christmas adverts this review list is for you! I found it very interesting to see what Christmas adverts were my most read last year.

Six the Musical

I haven’t been to the theatre in years so watching this in Bath was an absolutely magical experience. It is an electrifying evening of fun and comedy and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not huge on history. It brings such a new light to Henry VIII and his wives and is just fantastic.

The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman

A terrifying look at the U.K.’s worst conman that is still out there and at large. It’s a fantastic true crime documentary that looks at someone different to the usual serial killers we have grown to know.

Don’t Look Up

A Netflix film that divided audiences over whether it was too on the nose or that the marketing wasn’t correct for it. I went into this film thinking it was a comedy and came out feeling a lot more depressed about our world situation than I did before, and like I say in my review, I do wonder whether this movie needed to be made or whether the millions that was spent on it could’ve been used to help climate change instead.

My Lover, My Killer

A fascinating documentary series that looks at relationships gone sour where one of the partners has killed the other. It really helps give lesser-known victims their time to tell their story and shows how quickly things can escalate when you’re in a bad situation.

Death to 2021

A film I didn’t ask for but watched anyway because I enjoyed Death to 2020. While I think these are fun satirical comedies on the state of the world I feel once the world is back to more normality they should fizzle out, because while they’re enjoyable to watch when we’re all stuck inside, I think there’s better things to spend our time on then watching these sort of films.

Thank you for all of your support through January and here’s to making February an amazing month with lots of exciting reviews coming. If you ever want me to review anything of your own please click on my contact page to find where you can contact me.

Until next time.

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