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Jumanji: The Next Level Review

I really enjoyed the first film and while this film is very enjoyable I do feel it’s basically a rehash of the original but with new characters, and for that reason I don’t feel it needed to be made and was more of a cash grab.

Jumanji 2 looks at the same main characters that we had in the first film however we are now introduced to one of the main character’s grandad and his old business partner and friend. One of the kids decides to go back into the game and the others have to go in too to get them out, however due to the grandad and his friend also being in the house at the same time, they too are sucked into the game and this is where the story changes slightly from the original.

It’s quite fun to watch two elderly men try to make sense of this world they’ve been thrust into as well as seeing the other characters trying to explain it to them, but obviously them not understanding. It is such a weird thing to happen, can you imagine waking up in a video game and just having to figure it out? It would be insane.

As the story goes on however we learn more about these characters and it’s quite nice to see a different level to them than just surface level, especially with the grandad and his friend. As young people don’t understand what it’s like to grow old, we don’t understand what it’s like to see your best days be behind you and to have it talked about in this movie was really fascinating. Not only did you have the disconnect between them not understanding the mechanics of the game but also the fact that this game almost gave them new life again because they weren’t trapped in a body that was ageing and dying, but instead were trapped in new bodies that could do such incredible things, was really bittersweet to watch.

I really like the ending, where all through the film the grandad has been saying how you should never grow old because it sucks and then at the end he realises that growing old is a blessing that some people don’t get and you should cherish that and be thankful that, yes you might be growing older and your body might be breaking down, but you have lived and that’s the most important thing. That’s what we should all take away from this movie, we shouldn’t be trying to be something we’re not and always striving for the next thing, we should be appreciative of what we have right now.

I didn’t expect this movie to be as deep as it was but I really appreciated that. It was basically a rehash of the original but I am glad of the elements that they included in it because it did make it have a point and purpose to being made. As I said in my first review, I do still have some issues with how the mechanics and logic of this world works, but to enjoy the movie I was able to put them aside and just enjoy it at face value and it is a very fun film that would suit a whole range of ages and would be the perfect family film to snuggle up with in these dark nights.

What do you think of Jumanji 2?

Until next time.

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