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Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich Review

Oh how the 1% live! I do wonder how Dubai is able to have everything tax-free though…

Inside Dubai looks at different people who go to Dubai to create a better life for themselves and their family. Not only do we follow the socialites and the billionaires that you expect from the show, but we also get to speak to the workers who have come to Dubai to make money for their families back home, and even people who have gone to Dubai to find work in a place that is so much nicer than dreary old UK.

What is fascinating about this show is how quickly Dubai was able to grow from sand. Dubai has really only been a place for the last 50 years and before that was simply a desert, and the fact that they were even able to redirect 3 miles of ocean to create a harbour and sea where it never would’ve been before is such a feat! I can’t even wrap my head around how a human being could do that to the Earth and how that’s even possible.

I especially loved watching this show for the architecture and the feat that Dubai has created. Because Dubai is under sharia law it has a lot of what some westernised people may see as harsh laws, however when you weigh up the good with the bad in the area there is no contest, and you can see why so many people go there now. To me it seems to be the 21st-century version of the American dream.

In some ways I went into this thinking they’re only going to show the good side of Dubai and these people being millionaires and having all the sports cars and luxury villas and yachts and everything else, and I was pleasantly surprised when we got to speak to other people too and saw all the different sides of Dubai. It did show it in a very good light, everyone seemed very happy and everyone seemed content with their lives which I’m sure isn’t always how it goes, and it would be interesting to see if there are more bad sides to Dubai as well. However for a quick whistle-stop tour of Dubai, the people that live there, and the opportunities to have it’s a great piece of tourism marketing that I’m sure will get a lot more people wanting to visit. Even myself who probably can’t even afford a week in Dubai wants to go now because it looks so glamorous and glitzy, and it really is that utopian place that you dream of all packaged into one city.

If you have wanderlust from being stuck at home due to the pandemic or you want to learn more about other areas of the world that you have yet to experience then this is a fantastic show for you. It is three episodes long, super easy to watch, and just makes you think of how exciting it will be to travel there one day and experience it all yourself too.

What do you think of Inside Dubai?

Until next time.

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