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Brazen Review

I feel this movie could’ve been a lot better than it was and I definitely feel they hung onto the camgirl storyline a lot to add that sexiness to it that made it less boring than what it would’ve been without it.

Brazen follows a writer called Grace who has a sister with a dark secret. The sister, while being a teacher during the day, actually has a camgirl BDSM job at night where she enacts different scenarios over WebCam with people who watch. This comes out however when one day she is found murdered and her secret room of BDSM is uncovered.

Grace gets involved with this crime investigation because, not only is she the sister of the murder victim, but she is also a crime writer in her own right and she is able to bring those skills from her books into the real life investigation, especially when it turns out that her sister isn’t the only BDSM camgirl worker that has been murdered recently.

As I write this review I must be honest and say I don’t remember too many of the details of this film because it wasn’t that exciting. It had the usual tropes of a crime drama and not much else, yes you have the sexiness of the camgirl storyline, but I feel that was almost added in and focussed on so much to add some extra element that isn’t normally seen in crime dramas. The love affair between Grace and the police officer in charge of looking at these murders was underwhelming and very obvious from the start, and her involvement in the detective work because of her understanding of crime through her books isn’t explored as much as I would like it to be.

I would love if her books and her writing played more of a part in this film because it would’ve added something different. You would, in a Sherlock Holmes way, be able to deconstruct how she knows the things from her books and how she can find parallels between her writings and the real crime that is happening around her, but I feel they focus so much on the camgirl persona that this got sidelined quite quickly. While it is a good plot point to add her into the murder investigation, it soon gets forgotten about, and becomes like any other crime drama that we’ve seen before.

If you want to try something new and you’re really into the crime drama genre then I would recommend this. It’s only an hour and a half long so you’re not gonna lose too much of your life through watching it, however I think there are better films out there, and overall I didn’t find the story too enticing. I don’t remember any of the details even now writing this review, and so that shows how much longevity the story has once you have finished watching.

What do you think of Brazen?

Until next time.

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