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The Tinder Swindler Review

You thought online dating was hard, wait till you hear this story!

The Tinder Swindler follows a man who uses Tinder to meet wealthy women in his area and give them the life that they have always dreamed of, including fast cars, private jets and thousands and thousands of pounds worth of money. But we soon learn that it is all a facade and who this man claims to be isn’t who he is, and really he is exploiting these women for financial gain to be able to live this millionaire lifestyle that he dreams of.

It’s a fantastic look at how things online can be deceptive and how you should never believe what people claim to be until it is proven. I am thankfully in a relationship but I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to go on dates with people and to never know if they are who they claim to be. I wrote a review a couple of years back about Tinder and a documentary I saw then and it still rings so true now, you can literally be anyone online and you can get caught up in such a terrifying existence just because of someone you swiped right on.

The part that I loved about this documentary was one of the women managed to figure out what this guy was all about and she was actually the one that got him arrested when he tried to leave the country. She soon realised she was his only hope and he was running out of money quick and so she managed to get him to give her his clothes so she could sell them and give him the money from it, but instead she sold the clothes and kept the money, and even in the documentary she was still selling items on eBay! It was so funny and fantastic for this man to get his comeuppance and to have the tables turned on him.

However it is disgusting how this man only served a few months in prison and is now out using Tinder again, has a model girlfriend, and all these flashy items on his Instagram. You never know where it’s coming from and it’s terrifying thinking how easy it would be for him to be able to start this all up again and hurt more women that are only looking for companionship and love.

If you enjoy crime documentaries then I highly recommend this one. It reminds me of The Puppet Master: Britain’s Ultimate Conman because he did a very similar thing to the women that he was with, except his was only to be able to live and have control rather than to show off a wealth that he did not have. It’s a fantastic look at online dating and the dark side of it and really makes you think twice about trusting people and giving your all to someone who may be a complete lie.

What do you think of the Tinder Swindler?

Until next time.

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