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Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Picture James Bond and Johnny English moulded into one so you have the action and comedy sitting happily side by side. This is what Kingsman is for me.

Kingsman is a group of spies that are in the Secret Service and help stop bad guys much like James Bond or Johnny English does. In the film we follow Eggsy, a character who is from a council estate and doesn’t have a very good upbringing, whose father was one of these men in Kingsman. Eggsy gets recruited into the program to become one of the spies and has to do many gruelling tasks to become part of the group, and it’s a really interesting look at class and society and how it doesn’t matter where you come from but your goals and thoughts about where you could go in the future.

The bad guy in this film is Samuel L Jackson who is a billionaire that creates sim cards that causes people to become angry and lose their inhibitions, so that they will kill one another to help climate change by removing so many humans. It’s very interesting to watch this during a pandemic because you think: well this sort of thing has kind of happened anyway and what has it actually done to humanity and the world itself?

But it’s very interesting how Samuel L Jackson‘s character does things for good, but of course done in a bad way. The rich and wealthy get to be protected from the situations that are happening, and while it may be good for climate change, it’s still a bad way to go about it. Think Thanos but with technology and not stones.

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s a couple of hours long but it doesn’t feel that long, there is no moment that really drags or is boring, and there are so many interesting characters from such different backgrounds that you really get a feel of all sides of London and how people perceive others. I really liked Eggsy’s character, I think he bought something new to this sort of franchise which is often suited and booted Eton educated men, and I like how it could take the mick out of that too and really bring a new viewpoint to the spy genre.

If you haven’t seen Kingsman I really, really recommend it. I’m not one for action films however this one had a good amount of comedy and adventure in it too that it wasn’t just fast cars and pretty women. It has a really interesting storyline and I’m excited to watch the second film to see how it continues. I think this could be a really exciting franchise but that does depend on what they do with it and how it goes, as these sort of films can get a bit repetitive and stale after a while, but for now this is a spy movie that I very much enjoy as it brings something new to the genre and shows British comedy at its best.

What do you think of Kingsman?

Until next time.

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