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The Hunt Review

The premise of this film is everything that I adore, the suspense, the excitement and the never ending unknowing of what’s going to happen next. However this film didn’t go where I expected it to and I didn’t enjoy it very much either.

The Hunt follows a group for people who are kidnapped by another group of people who hunt them down in a reserve in Europe. These people that are being hunted are unknowing as to why this is happening to them and the actual reason that they are being hunted is very silly.

The reason these people are being hunted is because the group of hunters were fired from their job when one of them made a joke about how they hunted inferior humans. Now in the context of the film this is perceived as a joke, however people online took it for reality and thus they decided to actually start hunting people that made this convoluted story so big. So basically the bad guys are doing what the good guys said that they were doing which they weren’t really doing but now are…it’s very ridiculous.

And I think what was missing from this film was the Hunger Games-esque part to it. We got to see the people being hunted partly in the film however that wasn’t the overall storyline, and what I was really hoping for was a sort of Would You Rather Hunger Games mash up of people being killed and hunted in exciting ways, and having one of the hunted survive to kill the enemies and be able to tell the story of the victims.

However this film didn’t go down that route and I really think it missed a trick. Yes, I have been able to mention two films already that are similar, but that doesn’t mean that it’s overdone or boring, it just means that you can bring a different angle to the genre and while they did do that in some ways I feel the way that it was executed wasn’t the best and left me wanting more. The gore was good but a bit cheap, the characters were interesting but soon got killed off so you didn’t get to know too much about them, and really there wasn’t enough of the hunt in this film to make the marketing that surrounded that element worth it.

I personally wouldn’t watch this film again. If you want to see a new take on a horror genre that has been done before then sure, give this a go, but for me there are other films out there that fit the idea of what I’m wanting more and I’d much rather watch those than this one.

What do you think of The Hunt?

Until next time.

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