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Angel by Thursday Review

I was sent this screener to review and reading the synopsis I thought it would be right up my street, watching it I realised it may not be the perfect film, but it did have a lot of memorable moments.

Angel by Thursday is set in Hawaii and follows two different storylines that intertwine into one by the end. One follows a woman who has come to Hawaii after a mysterious postcard reached her in Germany, while another follows a policeman caring for his disabled brother while their auntie battles ill health.

Throughout the film we realise why these two stories become one and how magical life really is and how it can bring people together in the most unsuspected ways. The inclusion of Toby, the disabled man’s storyline, being somewhat magical was a bit hit and miss as I find it an overused trope that people with disabilities have special powers – see Midsommar – However in this film it didn’t feel too overplayed or too unbelievable and I really enjoyed his character as well as the rest too.

What was really fascinating about this film from a technical standpoint was you could tell that money had been spent on the camera work and editing, and while certain scenes that were more stationary were a bit more clunky in their filmmaking, the scenes where there was a lot going on or it had a lot within the frame – including a scene where we find out how Toby got his disability – were really well-made and looked gorgeous. Being set in a place like Hawaii you had these gorgeous scenery shots that really helped encapsulate the magic of the place, mirroring the magic shown within this film by the universe.

While this isn’t the most exceptional film that I’ve ever seen I did enjoy it, and while it was quite a slow burn at the start, when things started to unravel and come together it certainly kept your engagement because there was a lot going on and a lot to find out. This film is available now on Amazon Prime and other platforms so give it a Google and watch it for yourself, because while I didn’t expect it to go the way that it did, I very much enjoyed it. And while I may not watch it again it definitely left me feeling more connected to the universe and the magic of the world around us and the fact that everyone has a story, and it’s fascinating how these stories can intertwine with each other throughout our lives.

What do you think of Angel by Thursday?

Until next time.

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