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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts Review

I grew up with Harry Potter, Harry Potter was my main thing when I was a child and watching this special brought back that feeling of magic that not only the cast and characters give you, but also the sets, the music and everything in between.

Harry Potter returns for its 20th anniversary, and we look at the cast and crew who were involved in it as they travel round the sets of the films and talk about their memories. It’s insane to think that Harry Potter came out 20 years ago because I definitely do not feel that old, it feels like no time has passed yet so much has happened in that time, that to have something that encapsulates your childhood and is immediately recognisable is so special and so rare.

It was lovely to hear the stories of the cast members talking about what happened behind-the-scenes and how everyone worked together, and as an adult it made you appreciate the people that they actually had in the series and how amazing they were. You think when you’re a child you look at Professor McGonagall as the character but when you think it’s Dame Maggie Smith it just blows your mind that from such a small children’s book this idea could come about that could encapsulates so many peoples lives and bring together so many beasts of the acting world.

The one part that really hit me was when they did a memoriam for all the cast and crew that had died prior to this 20th anniversary special, and it’s shocking to see the numbers grow and grow as more people get older, and it’s so sad to think that one day your favourite actor may pass away and that’s something we have to deal with. I remember when Alan Rickman died I was at university and it completely ruined my day, because he was such a phenomenal actor and person and he will always be Severus Snape to me, and I think Robbie Coltrane said it best when he said that one day he will die but Hagrid will always be there and that is so special.

If you can look past J. K. Rowling and everything that she has done in recent years and concentrate more on the people that were involved in the projects that are still wonderful people, then you can really enjoy this and bring back so many wonderful memories of your childhood – from waiting outside the bookstore at midnight to get the newest book, to going to the cinema to watch all the films with copious different friends throughout the years, and even collecting the merchandise and recognising the music by a single note, it’s such a wondrous thing. I think despite things going south in terms of J. K. Rowling that doesn’t take away the magic of what Harry Potter was and is to so many people, and she is just one part of it and she can easily be overlooked for the rest that are still such incredible people.

I absolutely adored this look down memory lane, it really made me feel that magic again that I felt as a child and I didn’t expect it to touch me in such a way that it did. You often forget as you get older the things that you enjoyed as a child, and only once when those things are introduced to you again you remember how incredible they are. For me, while it took me a while to finally watch it versus other people, I’m so glad I did because regardless of whatever is happening in the world we always have these characters in Harry Potter immortalised in the books and films, and we can always revisit them and feel that lovely warmth and happiness again.

What did you think of the 20th anniversary special?

Until next time.

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