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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

I really love the duality of this film having the Golden Circle being an elusive drug ring as well as a wedding band. It was something that I did not expect but really enjoyed.

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle we once again follow the secret service who are hunting down a woman called Poppy who owns a large drug ring that is trying to make drugs legal by poisoning people, yes you read that right.

It very much reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the first film and how he was trying to tackle climate change in a bad way, the same with Poppy who is trying to tackle the criminalisation of drug users in a way that, yes will bring good to people dealing with these addictions in the future, but in a very bad way of making current drug users basically die unless the President does something about it.

In this film we have travelled to America to deal with these issues and here we meet the Statesman who are the American version of the Kingsman. It was very interesting to see this duality happen and all the slight differences between the two secret services, and I really enjoyed this part because it gave a new level to the Kingsman and you wonder what other secret services are out there that are working together and how far this could reach.

I really enjoyed the first film because the characters were so intriguing and you got to know them on such a deep level that they added so much excitement to the film, and once again with this film, because you already knew who most of the characters were you are able to see how they work with the new characters being introduced and how their characters could change and grow throughout the second film. Personally I don’t know which one I prefer, I think they are both very strong films and while the Golden Circle did feel a bit more lengthy in terms of content compared to the first film, it was still very enjoyable and at no point did I get bored.

This is a great sequel to continue on the story of Kingsman. I greatly appreciated the angles that they went with this one and how it still fit into the spy action adventure genres incredibly well. I also have to give a shout out to Elton John because he was absolutely fantastic in this film! You do have to wonder is that the reason why Taron Egerton became him in Rocketman? This film was so hilarious, so exciting and is one that you could easily watch again and again and probably not get bored.

What do you think of Kingsman: The Golden Circle?

Until next time.

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