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Cockneys vs Zombies Review

Who doesn’t love a good British satirical comedy? This film reminded me of Attack the Block but we’re in a different part of London this time…and we’re fighting zombies instead of aliens.

Cockneys vs Zombies follows two brothers who want to do a bank heist to be able to get money to help their grandfather who runs an old folks home, as it is being shut down for new developments. They team up with their cousin and a couple of other characters to rob this bank, but during the heist a zombie outbreak happens in the East End of London and their want for money soon becomes a want to survive.

This is a comedy so there are lots of hilarious moments within it. It’s very British, it’s quite camp, there’s even a moment with a double decker bus being driven with the Match of the Day theme tune which is fantastic, and it really encapsulates British comedy at its finest. Now it’s not a blockbuster film, it’s not going to be incredibly Oscar worthy, but for what it is it understands its assignment and does it perfectly.

I especially love the inclusion of the old people’s home in this film. Seeing a man with a walker trying to ‘run away’ from a zombie that is moving at the same pace as him was absolutely hilarious, and all of the use of the Cockney rhyming slang just made it so memorable. It definitely had its highs and lows and certain points didn’t work as well as others, but overall it was such a delight to watch. While I can get a bit sick of zombie movies because they are very similar to one another this one had enough original moments in there, including the comedy and the heist, that made it stand out among others that I have watched previously.

This is a movie that I would recommend to anyone. It’s very cliche British comedy so if you don’t understand Britain’s dry humour then maybe a lot of the jokes will go over your head, but if you are British yourself or enjoy British comedies then I highly recommend it. It’s very similar to Shaun of the Dead but less technical in its creation, and I think being encapsulated in the East End of London, and having the usual cliches of the East End was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily watch it again.

What do you think of Cockneys vs Zombies?

Until next time.

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