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Wanderlust Review

So often in the world we live in today we can get bogged down with wondering whether we’re doing enough so it’s quite nice to watch a film, although very weird, show us that we can leave the hustle and bustle for a much calmer life and be just as fulfilled.

Wanderlust follows a couple who live in central New York and own an apartment which is the size of one room. After they lose their jobs they head off to their relations to stay for a while as they can no longer afford the apartment and break down on the way outside of a community.

This community doesn’t care about materialistic things, they are all very free in their expressions and beliefs. They sell fruit and veg on the side of the road (which I think is so cute), they stay up doing yoga, playing guitars, and basically being free people. It really gives the juxtaposition between what this couple have come from and what they are going to and what really matters in life.

The husband of the couple has a brother who lives in a big house with a large car and the trophy wife and yet we see in this film that despite having all these things he is still not happy and is having affairs, and even his wife is an alcoholic because of the stress of life. So to see the modern man portrayed in such a way compared to these hippy-dippy lot that are usually looked down on portrayed in such a fantastic and free way, it really helps you put into perspective what is most important in your life.

Nowadays it’s so hard to feel like you’re doing enough. There’s always someone with more money, more clothes, bigger houses, better families and it’s so easy to compare with everything being put online right in front of you. When you think barely 100 years ago people lived completely different lives of relaxation and reading and farming and they were happy because that’s all they knew.

At the end of the day we are all going to die one day and we need to live our lives to the full, but what is fulfilling to one isn’t to another. To some people being fulfilled is being an entrepreneur and having businesses and lots of money and cars, while to another it is spending time with family and nature and relishing in the time we have with other people, and to another it may just be reading a good book for fun. It isn’t a one size fits all but something that we have to learn to understand in ourselves so that we can go on to create that for our futures. I feel this film really helps you begin that journey to finding out who you really are.

At its heart it’s a silly comedy with a lot of stereotypical people and it is something that should be laughed at and enjoyed, but if you really break it down it can give you so much intrigue into this way of life. It gives you such great insight into different ways of living and while it is a silly goofy film it does have a lot of meaning to it to which I really enjoy.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy this is for you. It’s such an easy watch and it’s just a delight from start to finish. And if you’re looking for something deeper, something with hidden meaning then this also fits that bill too. I really enjoyed this film and I feel it can easily go under the radar and I definitely think more people should watch it.

What do you think of Wanderlust?

Until next time.

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