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The Weekend Away Review

Who doesn’t love a good thriller? Especially when it’s set in an unknown land that has secrets all of its own.

The Weekend Away follows friends Beth and Kate as they go on their first trip away together it seems since Beth has had her baby. Kate has just ended a relationship and wants to have a boozy weekend with her best girlfriend when things go awry and Kate disappears. Her body is discovered in the ocean sometime later and Beth is the main suspect, however Beth cannot remember what happened that night and needs to be able to put the pieces together to really find out what happened to Kate.

Beth teams up with unlikely characters in the resort including the taxi driver that took them to the club the night Kate disappeared as well as finding out secrets back home that you could say would be better left covered.

This is a wonderful easy to watch women lead thriller that keeps you guessing at every turn. While I do feel it is quite a simplistic storyline in that it follows a lot of the tropes that we often see in these types of thrillers, the ending and the twist just adds an extra element that really helped pick up the story and kept you guessing. While it’s not a perfect film it is very enjoyable, and if you like easy to watch thrillers that have a simple storyline that you can engage with while not having to think too much about, then this would definitely be up your street.

This film reminds me of something women can watch together with some wine and food and have a laugh and enjoy the beautiful scenery, and the hot men that are involved, but it’s not something that will blow your mind or shock you in any way. It’s a very simple thriller but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

I won’t give away the twist at the end in case you want to watch it but while it did add something extra to the film it still wasn’t incredible and mind blowing. I would recommend it is an easy thriller to watch but for me, as I am so used to watching harder thrillers that have more grittiness to them and twists and turns, this one was quite light and as someone whose favourite genre is thriller and horror this film just didn’t hit those heights the other films I have watched previously have. It’s a good entranceway into the thriller genre but it’s nothing incredibly crazy.

However despite all the criticism I would still recommend it especially if you’re looking for something to watch with friends. However, if you enjoy more gritty thrillers that are a bit more dark and twisted, then this isn’t that and it may not satisfy you in ways that other darker thrillers may do.

What do you think of The Weekend Away?

Until next time.

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