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Like a Boss Review

In this day and age we are always taught to create a side hustle and to always have a second stream of income coming in just in case your first goes under. So watching this film and seeing two best friends create their own makeup line and do something that the world believes we should do, to only see it go up in flames because of someone else’s greed, really gives a different aspect on the whole grind culture we live in.

Mia and Mel are two friends who have known each other basically their whole lives and have created a makeup line together that they sell from a small shop, where all the makeup products are still created in house by one of their employees. However the business is going under and is in thousands of dollars worth of debt but a shining star comes into their life in the form of a woman who owns a big makeup company and wants to buy out their company for 51% of their business.

The girls of course jump at the chance but soon realise that what they thought was an incredible business venture actually isn’t and it causes a rift between the two, and it really shows you how important friendship is and how things that are incredible may not be all that they seem and you shouldn’t trust someone who really is just looking at you as a moneymaker.

This film is a really light-hearted comedy that is easy to watch. It looks at women in a new way that shows that people who are career driven are often looked down upon as they haven’t decided to have a family yet, however men would not have the same lens put upon them. It had some incredible actors including Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter and they really brought their own flair and excitement to the film too.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not highbrow artistry, it’s not something that’s going to blow your socks off – it is just an easy film to watch if you need something lighthearted that you can easily forget about afterwards. It has a really interesting story, it has a lot of funny moments, but the end of the day it’s still a light-hearted comedy that you can turn off and forget about as easy as you did finding it.

I really enjoyed this film. I definitely feel it’s more of a woman’s film than a man’s, but as I say you can’t judge a book by its cover and anyone can enjoy anything. It’s a lovely story of friendship, business management, and realising what is more important in your life and what should really be your first priority. I feel in this day and age of grind culture so often we can get bogged down with thinking we always have to be thinking of the next best thing, or always venturing on and it’s hard to appreciate the things you have around you and how far you have already come. This film definitely reminds you that sometimes you need to take a step back and realise just how incredible your journey has been already, and sometimes a quick fix like a contract isn’t going to get you to the future that you really think you should be going to.

What do you think of Like a Boss?

Until next time.

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