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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Review

I really do feel they need to let this series lie now. Halloween and Scream have done it well in that they have been able to bring back some great films for the franchise, however the Texas Chainsaw Massacre just doesn’t seem to have the same effort put into it and I don’t know why that is, but this film was not good in my opinion.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows a group of people who really are not the nicest. They are bunch of – as you would call them – yuppies from the big city going to a small town to hopefully sell off the buildings there to create a thriving business area. These friends travel to this desolate area and meet the same usual cliche people that we see all the time including the more ruffian locals.

The group accidentally manage to bring Leatherface back, in a character that I do not know if it is meant to be the original Leatherface or not seeing as that film happened many decades ago now. This character however has many of the same tropes including taking off his adoptive mother’s face to wear as a mask and donning the same dirty apron for no reason other than to pay homage to the original Leatherface. He also has a chainsaw hidden in his wall which, I don’t know how that still works because surely the petrol will be really out of date by now, but of course becomes his murder weapon of choice.

We see the group of friends try and battle this Leatherface character and a lot of the time for me I didn’t know whether it was meant to be a comedy or not. A lot of the gory moments are very comical and weird and not realistic, and to me, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of them because they were just so over the top. I don’t know whether they thought the more crazy the deaths the more scary because that is not true, seeing someone having their wrist broken backwards and using their exposed bone as a knife was just strange, and the same goes for when Leatherface hammers a character’s knee backwards and then you just see this man hobbling about – it’s not scary, it’s just funny.

And as I said at the start of this review the main characters were not likeable people. They were coming to this small town that should be left as it is because it’s still a town as we saw on the sign of over 1000 people, and yet they’re coming in thinking they can capitalise from it because clearly it’s not good the way it is. They were so uncaring and spoilt and I almost wanted them to die because they just seemed to be coming in with no good intent while these people just wanted to carry on living their lives.

I especially didn’t like the fact that they bought back the final girl from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To begin with, it didn’t really click that it was her properly because she looked so different, but once you realise it’s actually her I just don’t know why she would come back for such a lacklustre film. When we have seen these sort of characters come back before it’s always been exciting and interesting but in this film it still fell flat, and the way she died was so underwhelming and silly and even the ending! I cannot get over the ending because it’s so ridiculous and even thinking about it now makes me want to laugh.

If you enjoy the Texas Chainsaw Massacre do not waste your time with this film, it is a travesty of a film and for something that is such a cult classic and so incredible in so many peoples minds, to do a film like this is such a disservice and almost rude to the original film. The original film was fantastic with what it was doing and this one was just awful, and the way they left it open ended at the end of the credits thinking they could get a sequel, I really hope they don’t because it does not deserve it at all. If you want to watch a good Texas Chainsaw Massacre film watch the original and don’t even darken your door with this one because it is not worth it.

What do you think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022?

Until next time.

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