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Seventh Birthday

This week it was my website’s seventh birthday and as always I want to commemorate it by looking back at the top read reviews of the last 12 months and relish in the fact that we have made it another year, and I couldn’t do it without your support.

March 2021

Bath Bomb Dyed My Hair

We all know how popular this review is and despite it being before this website became a film and TV blog, it was one of my favourites because it shone a light on the cosmetic industry in a way that is quite startling to some. If you have lighter hair you may want to be wary around what products you put in your bath…

April 2021

The Terror

A fantastic look at an excursion gone wrong. Now this may not be the most realistic adaptation of what happened on that fateful ship many years ago but it is still incredibly gripping and really makes you feel for the people who went through the true story of what happened to the HMS Terror.

May 2021

Where Is The Love?

An interesting review on the remake of the Where is the Love song by the Black Eyed Peas. It is very poignant even to this day, and despite being a couple of years old now, still holds as much weight as it did when it came out.

June 2021

Why Drag Race Season 13 Ruined The Show

A very opinionated piece on Drag Race season 13 and how, despite the producers trying to shake up the show, it felt like the worst one yet. This season is the reason I no longer watch Drag Race in any form.

July 2021

Fit to Fat and Back

A really interesting documentary I found on YouTube about a personal trainer who decides to gain weight to show how hard it can be, even for someone who is so athletic, to then lose that weight again and what happens to his body during this time. It’s an old but compelling documentary that really gives you a different insight into health and fitness and is a great watch for anyone who has an interest in it.

August 2021

Death Alley

A screener that I was sent to review and I’m so glad I did. A look at a wild western gang which usually isn’t my cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed it because it’s based on true events. If you want to try a wild western film then I definitely recommend this one.

September 2021

Squid Game

Oh how amazing this show was! I binge watched it so quickly because it was so exciting and intriguing and just different to anything we had seen before. It still holds a special place in my heart and if you haven’t seen this show you need to watch it immediately, or if you have, read the review and let me know if you agree with my thoughts.

October 2021

Little Mix-ing It Up a Bit Too Much?

Despite the very awful pun I tried to put with this review, it is one that looks at Jesy Nelson’s first single since becoming a solo artist and how awful it was. It shows that sometimes when you’re in a band it is the other people that are holding you up rather than your own talent, and unfortunately for her I don’t see a bright future ahead of her, but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

November 2021

The Stepdad

The first of my Christmas advert reviews, Disney knocked it out the park with this one showing a stepdad coming into a new family and having to deal with being the outsider in this close-knit group and finding his way in through the magic of Disney. I say in my review that it doesn’t feel very Disney to me but it still holds charm that Christmas has and it is wonderful to watch.

December 2021


A film I enjoyed up to the last second when a twist happens that completely undermines the rest of the film. It’s a really interesting story and one that is great if you enjoy mystery thrillers, however for me, it’s not one that I would rush back to watch any time soon.

January 2022

Russell Howard: Lubricant

Russell Howard used to be my favourite comedian when I was younger so to see him come back on top form in this special was fabulous. I felt in some ways he had fallen off with using jokes over and over again without coming up with exciting, new content, and this breathed a new lease of life into his comedy and showed that he is back on top form.

February 2022

Why I Stopped Watching Inventing Anna

As we have seen in recent times scam documentaries are everywhere at the moment, however Inventing Anna was one that I could not watch. Being a retelling of the story it could’ve been really interesting and inspired but I fell off after episode three because the characters were underwhelming and we didn’t get to see the side of the scamming that I wanted to. While others may enjoy it, it was not a show for me, yet I still wanted to give my opinion on it in case others thought the same.

Thank you for being there for me in the last year and supporting my website! I’m excited to see what we do this year and how much we can grow as a community together.

Until next time.

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