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Is It Cake? Review

The one thing I learnt from this show is that I should not watch competition shows because I get far too into it and start screaming at the TV.

We all remember the time in lockdown when everything appeared to be cake, there were baseballs that were cake, shoes that were cake, and even animals that turned out to be cake. And Netflix have capitalised on this trend and actually made a really good show out of it.

In Is It Cake? we follow a group of bakers who are professionals in the field of making cakes look like other things, and throughout the show we see them battle it out to win money and deceive the judges with their cakes. These include incredible sculptures, hats, and even a very realistic looking suitcase.

In the first four episodes we get to see each of the bakers have a go at baking and see what they’re really good at. We learn what their backgrounds are, where they come from and what they do, and how they’ve been able to make a living out of this very niche hobby that is completely mind blowing. In the last four episodes we then see these same bakers battle it out to be the ultimate winner with two bakers getting eliminated each episode, which is so tense and exciting to watch.

What I loved about the show was how everyone was so happy and nice. We often see in the Great British Bake Off that everyone is there for each other and it’s no different in this, maybe making cakes just makes people friendlier. But you also have that competition element to it that keeps things exciting, watching things go wrong or the judges finding the cakes really kept you on your toes and kept you excited to see what these bakers would create next.

I especially enjoyed looking at the bakes myself with the decoys that the judges had a look at and trying to work out which item was cake, and a lot of the time I did get it right which I was very proud of, but sometimes even some deceived me, and what these people could do with modelling chocolate, a bit of fondant and icing was absolutely incredible.

If you’re looking for a new baking show to watch then definitely watch this! It is so fun and enjoyable and so easy to watch, and it really makes you wonder – could I do this too or is that just a pipe dream? – it really shows that even if you have the weirdest hobbies in the world they can become something incredible and you should always be proud of what you do regardless of where it sits in society.

What do you think Is It Cake?

Until next time.

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