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The Apprentice 2022 Review

If you can take anything from this series it’s that anyone in lockdown or at any time could make a business, and clearly these people did, but that doesn’t always mean that they are good entrepreneurs.

The Apprentice as we know it is the show where a group of entrepreneurs who have their own businesses want to win the chance to partner with Alan Sugar and receive his £250,000 prize money to build their business and make it a profitable success. We see throughout the show and the many challenges these people face that not everyone deserves the money and, to be honest, not all of them have the competency to run a business.

This season felt particularly unhinged with the inclusion of a very suspicious logo, a baby food that had the word dies on it, and even a toothbrush that was supposed to be a magic wand but looked more like a giant poo. It really shows me as the audience member that anyone can create a business and do something incredible with it, as these people who clearly don’t have much sense or general knowledge or even an understanding of how to work normal jobs have been able to do it themselves, and if they can why can’t anyone else?

I have always enjoyed The Apprentice, I think it’s a fantastic show and this year showed a whole new range of talent that we haven’t really seen before. It was so ridiculous that you wonder how any of them got on the show in the first place and how any of them have their own jobs and make money out of it. It also goes to show that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it and that’s a great thing to take out of such a mess of a series.

I highly recommend The Apprentice, I always do, it’s a great show to watch. It’s very entertaining and yes frustrating at times, but I think you can overlook that when you realise that it’s not as serious as it’s made out to be, of course this involves these peoples’ livelihoods but that doesn’t affect you directly so who cares? Enjoy it for the mess that it is and maybe even pull some ideas of what your dream business could be if you want to be an entrepreneur like them.

I think the winner rightly deserved their crown however, as their competitor said, it is a very crowded market and it’s not something that they will easily find their feet in. When I looked at their website post the finale, the prices were ridiculous and I would never pay that amount for the services that they were offering.

What do you think of The Apprentice?

Until next time.

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