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Top 10 Reviews – March 2022

Ah March! A month of clocks changing, 5K races, and Covid. But how did my reviews stack up? Read on to find my top 10 reviews of March 2022.

Killed By A Rich Kid

Another infuriating documentary looking at the UK justice system and how one teenage boy literally got away with murder after confessing to stabbing his best friend. This is a very poignant documentary that will anger you and make you wonder how he ever got away with it.

Louis Theroux: Extreme and Online

Louis is back with a new series following online groups, starting with a very far right group in America called America First, a group that are so radical even the republicans do not want anything to do with them.

West Side Story

A film I was intrigued by but worried about because of the long run time, however this film surprised me with its great choreography, brilliant actors and overall enjoyable story. While the thought of two lovestruck teenagers falling in love and running away together within a few days of meeting each other is very far-fetched, it’s easy to fall into their world.

My Best Friend Anne Frank

A fascinating look at Anne Frank as the teenage girl that she was during World War II from the eyes of her best friend. A very poignant film that shows all different sides of the Holocaust and how not everyone was treated fairly even in the concentration camps. A film I highly recommend.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a cult classic that everyone loves, however this sequel does not hold up to the same excitement as the original. I definitely feel this is one horror franchise that always gets the short straw with how bad the remakes and retellings are.

Peaky Blinders Season One

A show I have started watching far too late but is still enjoyable. A look at postwar Birmingham and a group that are called the peaky blinders who take justice into their own hands. It’s very gritty, it’s very raw, and it’s very enjoyable.


A light-hearted comedic film that holds a lot of weight at looking into grind culture and how the life we believe we should be living isn’t always the one that is right for us. This is a great film to put your own life into perspective and realise what is actually important to you versus what society tells you should be important.

Pam and Tommy

A brilliant series looking at the relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee who unfortunately had their world turned upside down when their sex tape was stolen and released to the public. A great look at consent in the 90s, how women always take the brunt of any situation like this, and how seedy the Internet could be even in its early days.

Seventh Birthday

In March this website celebrated its seventh birthday and in that post we went back over the last 12 months and each of the most read reviews of that specific month. If you enjoy posts like this then I definitely recommend that one too.

Like A Boss

A comedy film looking at two friends who start a small make up business that unravels when a big company wants to buy them out. It’s a brilliant look at relationships, friendships, and how quickly something that you have built up to be incredible can crumble because of someone else’s greed.

As we enter April and the Spring months I look forward to all the films and TV shows we will be reviewing, so make sure you check back so you don’t miss any!

Until next time.

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