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Charlie’s Angels Review

I needed a bad-ass female lead film to watch and this fit the bill perfectly.

I have never seen any other Charlie’s Angels media so this was my first introduction to it – apart from the Destiny’s Child song Independent Women – in this film we follow two angels and Bosley who team up with an engineer who has worked on a technology that has a flaw that could mean people being killed without a trace. They team up with this engineer to be able to stop this and find out what is really happening behind-the-scenes.

I love this sort of film because it brings something new to the action genre. So often we’re used to men in suits and beautiful women being sidelined or seen as lovers, where as in this film it’s all about the women. It’s about women being strong and independent and sexy but also owning their femininity and feeling powerful. It’s one of those films that you need to watch if you need a boost in your day, if you’re feeling low, or if you just want someone to look at and motivate you to be better. Every woman in this film was fantastic and so elegant and sexy but so strong as well, and I love that coming together of owning your femininity but doing so in the way that make you fearless and strong.

I thought the storyline was very engaging especially with the Alexa like bots that were being used and the twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. I did have the same thoughts as the Angels while it was going on and so to have my mind blown by the ending by something I didn’t expect was really enjoyable, and I liked how it change the way I looked at things. I love the actor choices, I thought they were all really strong and I would love to see more films like this. It’s much like the Ocean’s 8 film in bringing something new to the genre and when you see something like this come along you really want to treasure it because you want to be able to see it again.

I highly recommend this film to both men and women alike. It’s not just a film that women can enjoy and feel empowered by but also a film men can enjoy because it’s got a lot of attractive women in it that can fight people and be awesome. It sends out a really empowering message of owning your strengths and proving people wrong and I absolutely love that, if you ever need a boost then add this to your list because it will make you feel invincible.

What do you think of Charlie’s Angels?

Until next time.

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