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Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story Review

A stark look at a man who used his fame and popularity to get away with some of the most disgusting crimes.

Jimmy Savile was hailed as a saint by the British public during his heyday. Going from being a radio DJ to a TV presenter and personality with Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, he also conducted many charity events earning him a knighthood pushed by the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who also has her own dark history.

During his life Jimmy Savile was seen as this incredible man who did wonderful things for the people around him, raising millions of pounds for hospitals and charities and even helping in Broadmoor hospital where some of the most dangerous people reside, but seeing them as people that need help and not the criminals that committed such heinous crimes. It makes you wonder did Jimmy like being around these people because they reminded him of his own dark secrecy that was kept so private from the public and only came out after he died?

After his death allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse and rape came to the surface and over 400 people by 2016 had reported crimes committed by him ranging from ages of 5 to 75. What was once an incredible human on the pedestal of life quickly fell, but due to the fact that he was dead and was not able to tell his side of the story, the public were divided on who to really believe.

This is the part that absolutely shocks everyone with this case and why it is so revered to this day – the fact that victims came forward and were so brave being able to tell their stories of abuse with Jimmy Savile, yet they were not always believed because they waited so long to come out. It’s absolutely horrific in this day and age that we still blame the victim for what they could’ve done in the past because this man was so loved and admired, and it’s fascinating how people couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that he could have a dark side to himself too.

But to me that just explains why Jimmy did all the good that he did. Being a religious man and growing up being a mother’s boy he was constantly trying to find ways to counteract the bad stuff that he had done in his life. And while none of that makes it ok it is shocking that we see through this series that people did come forward against Jimmy Savile before his death but were turned away or ignored because of how saintly he was perceived.

So much of this case comes down to the public and even law-enforcement not being able to see past the rose coloured glasses they had on looking at this man. People saw him as someone who could do no wrong which is completely false for any human being, and the fact that this went on for so long and he was so praised by everyone meant he could get away with these horrific crimes. No victim should be dismissed based on their allegations despite who they are accusing and all people should be treated with the same respect, and it is so horrific that he was able to go his whole life without ever being caught and will never face justice for the terrible things he did.

It’s a very quick watch of only two episodes and it gives you an easy understanding of what happened through Jimmy Savile’s life and after his death, however it doesn’t give too much time for the victims of his assaults. It is good to give you a background on him if you do not know too much about him, and it really helps you understand who he was as a human and how he got away with the things he did while being praised by the British public.

What do you think of the documentary?

Until next time.

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