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The Bubble Review

What an absolute train wreck this film turned out to be! Netflix is the Blumhouse of streaming services because their films can be very hit or miss.

The Bubble follows a film set that is creating the sixth sequel to a dinosaur type film where all the actors and crew members of the film have to bubble together as they are filming it during the pandemic. In this film we get to meet lots of different characters that portray lots of different people during the pandemic and while it does have some funny moments a lot of it is trash.

I completely zoned out when one of the stars of the film, a TikTok celebrity that is clearly a parody of Addison Rae, is shown to do a TikTok dance in the middle of the film with a dinosaur and this is meant to be taken seriously in the films context. It’s the sort of piece of art that tries to be meta and take the mick out of the world we are living in today but does it on such an on the nose way that makes it unfunny.

And the other issue I have with this film is that it drags, it’s over two hours long and it really doesn’t need to be. Most of the parts that we follow in the film could easily be condensed especially as there are a lot of montages of them dealing with being quarantined. This film could’ve been really good, it had a great cast of characters however it just fell so short and, I’ll be honest, I didn’t even finish it because I didn’t want to waste more of my life on something so bad.

This is one film I would not recommend to anyone unless you like really unfunny American humour. The characters are not likeable, the storyline is boring, and it’s very hard to engage with because it drags on for so long. I understand why this would be very popular on Netflix because it is a new idea and concept but for me, I absolutely hated it.

What do you think of The Bubble?

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