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The Women Review

A funny and lighthearted look at relationships, sex, adultery, friendships and loving yourself before you love anyone else.

The Women follows a group of women who find out accidentally by a nail technician that one of them is being cheated on by their husband of 13 years. Throughout the film we see her and her friends confront the woman he is having the affair with as well as dealing with all the challenges that come with someone cheating on you so far into your relationship, including the fact that a child is involved and leaving isn’t always the right answer.

This film is very of its time, it’s a late 2000s film and feels it. The fashion, the attitudes, and the hair styles all feel very 2000s including a lot of jokes made against people that would never be okay in this day and age. However if you look past those ‘of its time’ moments you get a really sweet story about friendship and how love comes in many forms and just because one love has left you doesn’t mean that all the other forms of love will leave too.

I especially enjoyed in this film that each of the women had their own stories happening. Of course we had the main story of the affair but besides that there were stories of a magazine going under, a woman hoping that her next child will be a boy (which could be seen as problematic in its own right) and the final woman dealing with being the only LGBTQ+ representation of the film.

Is it a good film? It’s perfectly fine, it doesn’t break the mould in anyway but it does have a lot of funny moments and is the sort of thing you could watch with your girlfriends over a takeaway and some wine and just relax. It’s the perfect film for adults to watch and enjoy and connect with the characters, and while it may not be the most groundbreaking of pieces, it’s certainly enjoyable and one that I would happily watch again with others.

What do you think of The Women?

Until next time.

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