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Death on the Nile Review

I really enjoyed Murder on the Orient Express even if the ending did feel a little lacklustre, however the way this film portrayed the story was really interesting and kept me hooked from start to finish.

Death on the Nile follows a newlywed couple who have a jealous ex on board of their boat in Egypt. Poirot is also present on the ship and was able to help solve the case when the new bride’s body is found dead in her bed from a single gunshot wound, and someone on board this boat is a murderer.

With the Murder on the Orient Express the murder happens quite early on in the film and then you get to understand the characters and their back stories after this event, however in Death on the Nile no person actually dies until halfway into the film so for that first half you really get to understand these characters, who they are, what their motives are, and how they fit into the sequence of events.

Personally I prefer this way of storytelling because not only did you get to understand the characters you are watching but it also added to the suspense of wondering who is going to die and what’s going to happen. I also thought the ending wasn’t too rushed and seeing a more personable side to Poirot as well really added to his character and your connection to him.

In this film we learn the origins of his famous moustache and the character development even with this one minor thing is fantastic, it really draws you into who he is and what he’s gone through, and as you see his character engage with the other people on the ship you start seeing him less as this incredible detective but more as just another man trying to do his best.

I highly recommend this film, yes the first half is a bit long when you haven’t been exposed to what’s going to happen, especially as you know someone is going to die and it just doesn’t seem to happen for ages, however once the murder mystery starts you really do appreciate all the back stories that you have learnt about these characters in that first half and it really helps keep moving the movie on.

If you’re into classic murder mysteries or you like the Agatha Christie stories in book form and want to try the film version then I definitely recommend it. It’s not too gory or scary for some one coming from a more soft background to be able to enjoy it, and I really think it is fun for all.

What do you think of Death on the Nile?

Until next time.

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