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Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King Review

This documentary just confirmed to me why I don’t trust crypto currency, and that’s because you can’t trust the people who are involved in it.

This documentary looked at the suspicious death of Gerry Cotten, a man who worked in crypto currency and kept a bank of the crypto currency for other people. When he died however the passwords and keys for all of this money was locked and died with him, and many people lost a share of up to $250 million in crypto currency due to this.

Of course the shady dealings with what happened around Gerry’s death and the fact that this money was gone made a lot of Internet sleuths do more digging into the suspicious surroundings around his death, and made them question if he is really dead at all or if he faked his death and ran off with all their money.

Throughout the documentary we see these Internet conspiracy theorists uncover more information about the company as well is Gerry himself, including the way that he died being a very unlikely cause of death and the fact that his birth certificate spelt his name wrong. These things are easy to fake if you have enough money and you know the right people, which he did, plus the fact that supposed workers were coming out of the woodwork and speaking up against the company and Gerry and even they didn’t believe he was dead.

The unfortunate thing for this documentary is it does seem to be very open ended we never find out what happened to the money or what happened to Gerry. It is speculated in the documentary that he did die and there are hospital records on what happened to him which is a very sad circumstance to go through being only 30, however it still doesn’t answer the questions of what happened to the money and what will the people who put so much money into this company do?

It’s a very stark look at how something that is blowing up and becoming so popular can have such dark consequences if you’re not careful. Not only can the stock of crypto currency plummet in a second thanks to Elon Musk tweeting, but the company that you’re putting this money into could be shady and not as open as they seem. I don’t know whether this documentary is used to push people away from crypto currency and not buy into it, however it does do that very well especially if you’re trusting another to handle your money.

I really enjoyed this documentary, I don’t know much about crypto currency and I’ve never invested into it but even for audience members like myself that don’t have too much knowledge of that side of the world it was still a really interesting and informative documentary to watch and really brought out the conspiracy theorist crime nut in me that wanted to know what had happened. In the end, all you can hope for is that these people do get their money back at some point, and the loss isn’t too significant.

What do you think happened to Gerry Cotten?

Until next time.

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