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Pinocchio Review

So what do you think they were smoking when they made this movie then?

We all know the story of Pinocchio so I’m not going to get into that but the big thing that confused me with this movie besides most of it was that there were just two fox men wandering around and no one seemed to bat an eyelid.

Most of the characters in this movie were human or just talking animals that were simply animals, so why these were almost fox-human hybrids I don’t know. What could’ve been quite interesting actually is if they were more like donkeys or stallions and so they could be seen as bad boys who went to the island, were turned into animals, but then decided to stay bad and were recruited to find new ones.

And let’s talk about the island for a second. I know of course this movie was made years and years ago but the amount of smoking references in it and these children smoking and drinking alcohol just blew me away, how that was ever the norm just seems insane to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I did really enjoy this movie and I can see why it’s a classic, but it was a bit of a fever dream that seemed to never end. How did the whale eat a whole boat? How did the cat and the fish survive being attacked by the whale? And this movie also made me question if whales actually sneeze and unfortunately I’m sad to tell you that they do not.

If you haven’t watched this movie for sometime I definitely recommend you go back and watch it again just to experience it all because it is a wild ride that I don’t think I’ll ever get over. There were so many moments that happened that were crazy, it never seemed to stop, but then it just does, and I almost feel bad because Pinocchio gets the ending he deserves but what about all those other boys who are sold off to the circus or in the salt mines today? Do they not deserve a happy ending too just because they were bad boys?

I could talk on and on about this movie so I will leave it here but I definitely recommend you give it another watch or give it a watch for the first time if you haven’t. To be honest watching it finally makes the idea of a real life remake of this even more terrifying.

What do you think of Pinocchio?

Until next time.

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