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Downton Abbey Season 3 Review

Despite me loving this show, this season definitely felt like a slow one, especially after all that happened with the First World War.

In season three we follow the Crawley family once more as Mary and Matthew get married and become the main couple of Downton Abbey. We also see Sybil’s first child being born, everything that comes with giving birth during this time, and also the stock market crash and how that affects Downton Abbey and its future.

While I enjoyed this season I definitely thought it didn’t have the same punch as the first or second. It felt quite slow and methodical and definitely felt more like the first season than the second. In the second season the great war was happening and the girls grew so much and to see them almost revert back in season 3 to who they were before was a bit disappointing. Apart from Edith having a chance at a normal job and having a life for herself, the show saying she still has to be obsessed with a man and her status just made it a bit underwhelming.

I also felt that this season tried to add some shock with certain characters dying, and while it was quite shocking to watch, it also didn’t seem to have that punch because it was very obvious that it was going to happen. I get it is an English drama and we’re not the best with subtlety but some of the ways in which certain things happened and progressed definitely showed you what was going to happen and any excitement or fear of those consequences was short lived because you expected it practically from the get go.

While I will continue to watch Downton Abbey as I do like many of the characters and the interesting storylines, including Bates’ time in jail and what Mary will do now that she has the heir of Downton Abbey, I do feel that it has taken a back seat in my interest and while, before I was so excited to continue watching it to find out what happens next, now I’m quite happy to leave it for a few weeks between watching and it isn’t on the forefront of my mind anymore.

What do you think of Downton Abbey season three?

Until next time.

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