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Zombieland Double Tap Review

I really enjoyed the first Zombieland and watching this I enjoyed some of the callbacks to it, although I don’t feel this one was as strong as the original, even though it was still a fantastic story.

Zombieland Double Tap is the story from Zombieland continued with the four characters that we grew to love and how they’re still battling this world full of zombies. Including the storylines that one of them wants to get married, Little Rock is growing up into a woman and wants to find her other half as well, and the fact that the group is slowly disbanding because they all want to do their own things and follow their own paths.

Little Rock decides to leave with a boy who is just horrible! Proper hippy-dippy should’ve been killed in the first wave of zombies sort of guy. They’re heading to a place called Babylon where it’s all peace, love and harmony (and drugs) and are hoping to live there for the rest of their days. The group hunt her down of course and are, along the way, subjected to a new type of zombie known as the T-800 based off the Terminator who are much more resilient and stronger than the zombies they have encountered before.

I enjoyed how this film built on the first one even more. You get to know more about the characters, about their wants and fears and you got to see a new side to them that maybe we didn’t get to see as much in the first film. I won’t lie, it’s been awhile since I watched the first film so I can’t remember it all that well, but from what I do remember I enjoyed this film building upon those parts, especially learning more about the rules that Columbus has implemented into his life.

Would I rush to pick this film up again? No. I’m not the biggest fan of zombie films however I enjoyed this one because it had a horror comedy mix and wasn’t just trying to be scary, because personally I don’t find zombies that scary unless there’s a lot of gore. I feel this is a film you could watch every so often with your friends or alone if you wanted a horror that wasn’t too dark, but it’s definitely not a film that I would rush to pick up again because it was that good, because it wasn’t. It was enjoyable, it was a good film, but that’s all there really is to say.

What do you think of Zombieland Double Tap?

Until next time.

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