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Selling Sunset Season Five Review

Season four of Selling Sunset was the Chrishell and Christine show where all we saw were the girls of the real estate group fighting against Christine. Unfortunately this season was just a continuation of that.

Season five continues to follow the girls as they work in the real estate group however a dynamic shift has changed now that Chrishell is dating one of the bosses. Most of the girls don’t have an issue with this however the resident bad girl Christine of course does and vocalises it a lot. Alongside this storyline we also have a new girl joined the group, a British woman called Chelsea, who joins the group as Christine’s new friend and is used mainly as a pawn to spread information between both sides.

Things come to a head however when at the end of the series we find out that Christine has been bribing another one of the girl’s clients to stop working with her and work with Christine instead which is a fireable offence, and unfortunately this one very fascinating and scandalous storyline went nowhere and instead we ended the season with more questions than answers and have to wait weeks for the reunion to find out what happened, but I bet you it won’t be revealed at the reunion and will be kept for season six.

This really bugged me because I watch the show to find out more information about what is happening and of course we see Chrishell and Jason’s relationship breakdown and that is an open and shut case but throughout the season more storylines come to light that don’t have a perfect answer: does Vanessa go to live in England with her boyfriend? Is Christine fired? And so much more that we just don’t know, and really it left me with a bad taste in my mouth because I want to know these things, and I know that I will have to wait weeks or longer to find out.

If you have already invested four seasons worth of time into the show then I definitely feel you might as well watch this season too because why wouldn’t you? It’s still enjoyable and engaging however the ending did leave me unfulfilled and I wish we found out more information than we did, so while it definitely isn’t the best season that we have had, it’s still good, just nothing to write home about.

What do you think of season five?

Until next time.

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