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Anatomy of a Scandal Review

UK crime dramas are always fantastic and this one was no different. Throughout the whole show you just had to keep watching to find out what was going to happen and the ending was something I didn’t expect at all.

Anatomy of a Scandal follows politician James who has a loving wife and two children but has been secretly having an affair with one of his colleagues, Olivia. However it turns out that this affair wasn’t always consensual and he is being tried for the rape of Olivia and through this more details come out about his past that he hoped to remain buried.

Throughout the show we see the bits that piece together not only James and Olivia’s story but James and his wife Sophie’s story as well, dating all the way back to their university days where it seems James may have also assaulted one of Sophie’s own friends. It’s a fascinating story of consent, sexual assault and the criminal system in the UK and how high powered people aren’t always brought to justice.

I also feel the show is very realistic in its portrayal of seeing James and his friends at Oxford being those boys that we saw David Cameron and Boris Johnson being. It was very interesting to watch and also really upsetting knowing that these men have so much power that they think they can get away with anything and so in the end, while things may not go the way that the audience hopes for, we still get some justice and it’s nice to see the characters have a development that shows them to be strong and confident women despite what they’ve been through.

I really enjoyed the show, I watched it over a couple of days because I couldn’t stop and each episode ended on a moment that made you want to watch the next episode immediately. It’s so easy to watch and has many moments happen that you don’t even realise were coming because it’s constantly twisting and turning. I highly recommend it especially if you enjoy crime dramas because this is a very enjoyable one.

What do you think of Anatomy of a Scandal?

Until next time.

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