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The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes Review

Marilyn Monroe is a figurehead that you have to look up to, she was an absolute knockout in the film industry and her untimely death made her one of the most famous people in the world even to this day. But there’s so much speculation around her death that this documentary brings up, you have to wonder whether it really was suicide or whether it was murder.

Marilyn, like any other normal girl in America, wanted to make something of herself in Hollywood and against all odds she did exactly that and went on to be one of the most famous actresses in the world. She dated many high-profile men including brothers Bobby and John Kennedy, and this is where the conspiracy starts, because John Kennedy was of course working with the military against the Soviet Union and communism yet Marilyn was known to be a part of groups of Communists. So was she murdered to stop her spilling secrets that John and Bobby Kennedy may have told her to the other side?

Or is the story we were given in the press the truth? That she did overdose in a suicide because of her need for prescription drugs and sleeping pills. It’s not hard to think that Marilyn Monroe went through so much hardship in her life from trying to conceive a child that she was never able to have, to always being in the public eye and dealing with the paparazzi and people constantly speculating about her life, a small town girl just wanting her name in lights would’ve never thought about all the other bad things that come with this life and yes, while she was gifted such wonderful things throughout her life you have to think how much pressure does that put on her and in the end did that pressure get too much?

The interesting thing in this documentary is we learned that despite her death being called around 3 am her PR assistant was actually at her house at 11:30 that night, which makes you wonder, did he have to create the story of how she died to save face for her and the Kennedys? And was there more to the story? Unfortunately I believe this is a mystery that we will never know the answer to and all we can really do is think about how wonderful she was as an actress and celebrate her life rather than constantly conspire about her death.

In this documentary we get to hear from Marilyn herself in the tapes and who she was as well as hearing from other people in her life and their take on her, and it’s really interesting to get to know her as more of a human being than just a star on screen, and it’s really enjoyable too. While there is so much mystery around Marilyn and who she was and what her life really came to we can all agree on one thing, that her legacy will live on forever.

What do you think of the Marilyn Monroe documentary?

Until Next time.

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