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Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes Review

It’s insane how a serial killer story could be portrayed as so boring in the first couple episodes. John Wayne Gacy was a terrifying man but learning about his life was so trivial that until we got to the murders I really didn’t have much interest.

John Wayne Gacy was known as the killer clown because he dressed up as a clown and went to children’s birthday parties to entertain them, however there was so much more to him including his power in the political sphere and his time spent in prison for sodomy. It’s a fantastic look into his life but as I said, because you had such a hatred and anger towards this human being, it doesn’t matter what they did in their life because that is all shadowed by the killings he did later on and how brutal and horrific they turned out to be.

For any crime nut this documentary is gold because you really get to see how he treated these young men and how horrific their deaths were, and it really gives you an in-depth look into John Wayne Gacy and what he did and how he did it. While it is very gory at times and there are crime scene pictures shown you can’t stop watching because it’s so fascinating and that, in my eyes, is what makes him such a scary man – he got away with it so long and could’ve easily gotten away with it for longer if things didn’t go the way they did.

I found this documentary really interesting, as I said the first couple of episodes were a bit slow, but once you got past the backstory of John Wayne Gacy which really I didn’t care too much about, the actual killings were really fascinating and absolutely terrifying. If you enjoy high-profile crimes like this then this is definitely a documentary I recommend watching, however they do show crime scene photos within it which are a little gory and can turn your stomach if you are of that disposition. However for me it was a fascinating look at what he did and how his life came to an end with the death penalty, and while I’ve said before that often high-profile cases get so much attention on them that they become a bit repetitive and boring, this one didn’t have that, and while I have heard of John Wayne Gacy and watched things about him before this one felt new and fresh and kept me engaged.

What do you think of John Wayne Gacy?

Until next time.

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