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Bullsh*t the Game Show Review

I love a good game show but the fact that this show has a swear word in the title and I don’t like swearing online makes it very hard to review. It is a good show past that point though, but I do wish it’d given itself a different name so that it could attract a wider audience, especially for people who don’t like their children being exposed to swearing.

Bullsh*t is a game show where one person has to successfully get through 10 questions to win $1 million and they don’t have to get the questions right to do this. They are against three people who also want the chance to be in the hot seat to also win the $1 million and they are reading the person to see if they did get the correct answer to the question or whether they are just making it up and, as the name entails, is bullsh*tting.

I find so often with game shows they are always done the same way, you have to get the right answer to win, and so to be able to go on a game show where you literally just have to convince others you’re telling the truth is absolutely brilliant. It lets people who maybe don’t think they are as smart as they could be and so don’t want to go on the shows to be humiliated a chance to be able to win money too, and the fact that you have three people that you have to convince that you are telling the truth to really adds to the odds being in your favour because, if just one of them believes you and you are bullsh*tting, you still win the money.

Howie Mandel is the game show host, and while he is very American in how he presents the show, he is quite fun and enjoyable too and I like how he constantly reminds everyone about what is going on and to look out for certain tells in the contestants to be able to tell if they’re lying or not. As someone who loves psychology this is a show that’s right up my street because, even you as the audience member can try and find tells in the contestants to work out whether what they’re saying is truthful or not, and you can see how easily swayed you could be to believing other people.

This is a very easy show to watch, I only got a few episodes in because after the first couple you know the format and what’s going to happen, and up until this point I have not yet seen anyone win the million dollars so if that’s not an incentive to watch and find out who actually wins it I don’t know what is. If you want a different game show to watch that goes against the norm than this is definitely one I would recommend. I am intrigued to see if it gets more seasons because I think it could be really enjoyable, but it all depends on whether people watch it or not, and as I said at the start of this review I definitely feel its name could hinder it in being promoted to more audience members.

What do you think of Bullsh*t?

Until next time.

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