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Desperate Housewives Season One Review

Having loved watching Pretty Little Liars as a teenager I feel this show is the adult version of that and I really enjoyed it. Let’s just hope the ending is better.

Desperate Housewives season one throws you into the world of suburbia in Wisteria Lane. We follow a group of friends who are all housewives under different circumstances when one day one of these housewives, Mary Alice, decides to kill herself with a single gun shot to the head and slowly throughout the season it is unravelled why this happened and what this means for the other characters.

Each of the characters have their own storyline that goes on within each episode so there is always something fresh and exciting to watch. Susan is a single mother with a teenage daughter who has a crush on their new neighbour called Mike, however Mike has his own secrets at hand and his own reasons for being on Wisteria Lane that aren’t completely clean. Lynette is a stay at home mum to 4 children who strives for a career once more as she had to give hers up for motherhood. Bree is a typical housewife where everything has to be perfect despite her crumbling marriage and the fact that her husband is cheating on her as he is into BDSM, and finally Gabrielle is a rich housewife who has a loving husband who she mainly married for money and is happily having an affair with the gardener.

It’s a fantastic storyline with lots of twists and turns and moments that you just don’t expect to happen. Each of the characters have a storyline going on in their own lives that are also weaved into the other stories and so it keeps you on your toes and always keep you guessing as to what will happen next. Each episode basically ends on a cliffhanger so you never want to stop watching, and as the season goes on and more and more is revealed you start to realise that these silly little issues that these housewives have with say their husbands or their children or even themselves, are trivial with what is really happening on Wisteria Lane with murder and corruption and lots of secrets and lies.

Despite this show coming out in 2004 it is still a really enjoyable watch. Yes some of it is outdated, especially with the mobile phones shown and the types of cars they drive etc. but if you can look past the flip phones and the Nokias you can really enjoy the show for what it is. I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy more mysterious, scandalous sort of shows and haven’t watched it before. However the rewatch-ability I’m not too sure will completely be there as I expect once you know what the secrets are that are being unravelled there isn’t much that can be added if you watch it again.

What do you think of Desperate Housewives?

Until next time.

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