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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Review

I recently decided to revisit The Vampire Diaries as it was a show that I enjoyed many moons ago and one that I feel still holds up to this day. With the likes of Riverdale falling off the rails, it’s nice to watch a young teen drama actually have an interesting storyline that makes sense.

The Vampire Diaries season one greets us with the town of Mystic Falls and the main characters Elena, Stefan and Damon. Elena is a young girl who has suffered the loss of her parents dying recently and she finds solace with her new boyfriend Stefan, however we soon learn that Stefan has a secret that he is keeping from Elena in that he and his brother are vampires and have ulterior motives as to why they have befriended her.

In the season we get to meet the vampires of course but we also get to meet many other mystical characters including Bonnie, Elena’s friend who turns out to be a witch and Elena’s many generations back relative Katherine who Elena is the doppelgänger of. This whole season is basically the story of Damon trying to track down Katherine and help her escape this tomb that she has been trapped in for over a century, as well as Elena trying to deal with all this new information coming to her and not knowing who to trust.

It’s a very interesting season because it really sets everything up to keep you excited. We don’t actually get to meet Katherine until the last moment of the final episode of the season which really helps build up your want to watch season two, but even in this season there are so many storylines going on it really helps cement these characters and get you to understand them so you can see them grow and change throughout the show.

I especially enjoyed the little twist and turns they added into the show to keep it interesting including Elena being adopted, which is why she looks like Katherine, understanding Stefan and Damon’s backstories and how they became vampires and even seeing how different people in the town react to these mystical beings seeing as they’re not such a hidden entity as you would expect.

It’s a really fascinating show that entices you from start to finish and is really easy to binge watch. With every episode something new happens that makes you want to continue and I definitely see it with new eyes now. When I watched it for the first time you are instantly attracted to Damon as he has the bad boy persona, but as you grow up and mature more you realise that actually Stefan is the more likeable brother that you’d much rather be with because you know he will keep you safe, whereas Damon would kill you at any second.

I highly recommend this show if you want to delve back into the mystical side of media again. I only watched this because I tried to watch Twilight again and gave up after five minutes, however this has entertained me so much that I will happily keep watching it because in my first watching I never got to the finale and I’m excited to see where it goes this time and to see how I respond to certain characters in different ways now that I am nearly 10 years older.

What do you think of The Vampire Diaries season one?

Until next time.

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