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Wild Babies Review

Who doesn’t love a nature documentary? And when that said documentary is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, can it get much better?

Wild Babies looked at many different types of baby animals as they struggle throughout the first few months of their lives. Whether that be through the harsh conditions they are living in, the family dynamic or the constant predators that they have to deal with, in each episode we either follow animals that we have seen in previous episodes or we move onto new animals that we have not already looked at.

In this show we look at lions, seals, elephants, turtles and many more animals but mostly ones that other documentaries have looked at previously too. There weren’t many animals that we didn’t already have some knowledge or understanding about shown in this documentary, especially the dolphin portion of the show that was something that has been shown time and time again in other documentaries, so if you’d already seen it before it would not have been new knowledge to you.

A more morbid thought but, every single baby that we saw in this documentary survives past its end points and at no point does an animal die. While it is a horrific thought to think about, it is something that does happen in the animal kingdom and I found it interesting that everything ended perfectly fine. While they may have come to harm in some ways in terms of being hunted or attacked, at no point did any bad ramifications happen to them.

That’s not me saying I want to see baby animals die because that is absolute horrific, and when the baby seal was being attacked I covered my eyes in case he did get taken, however we can’t always think that the world around us is all rainbows and smiles. It’s not and it is very deadly, and so to paint this picture that these animals are all great and okay almost gives a false sense of reality. It felt quite family friendly to me where you can watch it with children and yes, they may get scared when the animals are attacked or in dire situations, but because they always get through it, it means that the child will enjoy it nonetheless.

For me, especially with some David Attenborough documentaries, I like the reality of the situation, I like the fact that sometimes the animals we see don’t always end up with perfect lives and things that are bad happen to remind you that everyone and everything has a part to play in our ecosystem and humans need to look at these animals as sentient beings and do what we can to help them and ourselves in the ever changing environment.

If you want a happy, very cute animal documentary to watch then I highly recommend this. It is eight half-hour episodes so super easy to watch and each episode ends on a cliffhanger so you constantly want to know what happens to the animal that we are currently following. As I said, it doesn’t always bring something new to the table however it’s still enjoyable and, as always, the animals are super cute and I would recommend it if you need something easy to watch.

What do you think of Wild Babies?

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  1. Don’t forget about the sea turtles. The mother was killed by a jaguar and most of the babies (even from other mothers) were picked off by more animals.


  2. I thought the same thing when I watched the series and I was wondering for each one of these animals the episodes focused on which ones did in fact survive when filming them and for the sake of making this light and wholesome would the creators just focus on another seal pup and it’s mother after the original didn’t make it or the mother never made it back? same thing for the penguins there’s literally hundreds of them, how do they even keep track of them

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    • That’s a very good point! How long did they take to find a ‘wholesome’ moment, especially when there was treachery and worry yet it always worked out. Interesting question!


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