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Selling Sunset the Reunion Review

As I said in my season five review it was the Crishell and Christine show once again, so to have a reunion was really fascinating. And possibly an unpopular opinion of mine is that I’m glad Christine did not attend the reunion as I can imagine it would have been an absolute disaster and really would’ve been quite incoherent.

Selling Sunset the Reunion brings back the cast of season five minus Christine and Amanza as they had Covid, and it goes through the season and everything that happened including a very sombre and touching moment around Chrishell and Jason and the fact that their relationship broke down and it’s clear that Jason is still not over her.

But I am glad that the whole reunion wasn’t just the Chrishell and Jason show and the other girls got to have their own moments in the spotlight too even if they weren’t as involved in the show itself. We see with Maya that she unfortunately lost her child and we get to talk openly about that which I think is very helpful for women going through a similar situation. We hear about Heather’s upcoming marriage and how exciting that is plus the fact that she has never eaten an Oreo. And even the OC spinoff of Selling Sunset that is coming soon as well which seems to be the main purpose of this reunion as a whole.

In terms of Selling the OC I’m not interested in that as I wasn’t interested in the other spinoff they did either. I am so attached to this cast of characters now I can’t imagine watching anyone else and that’s the only reason I watch the show now is for them, not for the houses or the real estate market. I hope with season five having a reunion that doesn’t mean that Selling Sunset is over for good and it’s only going to be the new spinoffs that will continue, but if there is going to be a season six I wonder how it’d play out as, with Christine leaving and the biggest drama no longer being a part of it there isn’t much of a show there anymore.

If they do decide to do a season six I will probably still watch it just to see how it goes however I do have my reservations, and in some ways I hope it can end on a high and we can continue to follow the cast on Instagram and other social medias rather than a show on Netflix.

What do you think of the Selling Sunset reunion?

Until next time.

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