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Doctor Who: The Halloween Apocalypse Review

I only started to watch this season after hearing about the new Doctor role. I think Ncuti Gatwa is going to be absolutely incredible at it and he has definitely revitalised my interest in the show, and I knew before he comes along and takes the reins I had to watch the parts that I have missed just to be kept up-to-date.

This season of Doctor Who has gone down a different road to other seasons we have seen previously. This one talks about the flux where somehow a bunch of different Doctor Who baddies have been released into our time stream and are attacking the Doctor and her companions. However we have a new companion in the shape of John Bishop, who is a comedian by trade, but does play a very good character in this show, even if it is just himself.

In the first episode I feel this is just a teaser buildup to the rest of the season. A lot of it didn’t make a lot of sense but I think that was the point, it’s meant to excite you with showing you lots of different baddies and characters so that it will make you want to continue watching. In some ways I do fear that is how the season will progress as well, that it will make you want to keep watching however never fully get to the answer until the final few episodes. In this one we are greeted with Weeping Angels, the Sontarans, and more all being shown in a way that doesn’t affect the storyline of this episode but will of course affect future ones.

However my issue with this episode is the core baddie that we follow, not the blue alien but the dog. I understand his point and purpose, I like how he fitted into the storyline however I just didn’t connect with him too much and as I said in previous Doctor Who reviews, I feel they’ve really gone down this family friendly cutesy route that I am not a fan of. I want more death, destruction darkness and right now I’m just not getting that. Thankfully with the Weeping Angels coming back I hope that they can bring some excitement and scariness to the show, but as we saw in the Matt Smith era, I do worry that they have been over used now and have lost their spark.

However I will say that this episode did do the trick, it did excite me for the rest of the season and what would happen. It’s not the best opener because, as I said, I didn’t really get on with the baddies in the episode and really a lot of it was forgettable however I am excited to continue watching the show and see where we go with it and how it’s all going to end. In previous seasons we haven’t always had the end that we have hoped for or longed for and so I’m intrigued to see if that’ll happen again.

What do you think of The Halloween Apocalypse?

Until next time.

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