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Doctor Who: Once, Upon Time Review

This episode was a mess of time and storylines and craziness that I just couldn’t get my head around. It mirrors the first episode in that it didn’t really give you a lot but showed the audience a lot of things that could happen, and personally for me, I really didn’t enjoy it.

In this episode the companions have been stolen by the ‘time demons’ and are being used to aid in a plan of attack, I’ll be honest this episode did not to keep my interest so I’m not even sure what that attack was. The Doctor is using her own timey-whimey wibbly-wobbly -ness to keep the companions safe by putting them in different story lines where they are hidden from the ‘time demons’, however this is draining her life supply and is also opening her up to her own story lines that haven’t happened yet, but also have because they’re in the past.

In this episode the second doctor from the last season comes back in terms of the Doctor we currently know inhabiting her in a memory, and it’s very interesting to see that some of the characters that we have come to know in this season are also present in that memory too. However for the audience members it doesn’t make any sense because these things need to be explained later on and, once again as I said in previous reviews, this season is a constant waiting game. I do worry that maybe we won’t get all the answers we are hoping for and it’s just going to be another mess from the writing team that I still believe needs overhauling.

The only part of this episode I liked was the end with the Weeping Angels and the fact that they still use the same mechanics that they did in the Matt Smith era. The fact that an angel has taken control of the TARDIS was really interesting too because that was the whole point of them back in the David Tennant era with the best episode of the Weeping Angels in my personal opinion, and so I’m excited to see where the next episode goes and how they fit into the story. However I do worry based on what I have already seen from Matt Smith’s episodes with the angels that they will not hold the same scariness, especially as this season and the prior seasons with Jodie Whittaker are very family friendly and not as scary as they used to be.

This episode is a right off for me, I did not enjoy it as I did not understand it and I am quite happy to ignore it. This was one of the reasons why I did not watch the latest Doctor Who season until now because I was worried that it would not hold the same standard that I expect. The show used to be so good and this season is not as enjoyable as anything I’ve seen before from Doctor Who. I hope it can turn itself around in the last episodes but we shall see and to be honest, I don’t have too much hope.

What did you think of Once, Upon Time?

Until next time.

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