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Stranger Things: Vecna’s Curse Review

As this season continues and more is revealed to us you can start seeing the branching storylines that I’m very excited to see come together later in the season.

In the second episode we see more of what Hopper is getting up to seeing as he was taken by the Russians, he’s now in a jail camp being held hostage, while Joyce is being forced to give them $40,000 to be able to help him escape. It’s nice that we as the audience get to find out that Hopper is alive so quickly in the season because then hopefully his character will show up a lot more in later episodes and we get to see those emotional greetings between him, Joyce, and the kids once more.

Alongside this storyline we also have Mike travelling across the country to meet up with Eleven who has been telling him lies about how wonderful her life is there, and he gets to see firsthand that it is not. We also see Will start to feel like the outsider again that we have seen in previous seasons, especially as he is the third wheel of this couple, and knows that Eleven has not always been the most truthful to Mike and has to decide which friend he supports.

The third storyline back in Hawkins sees Dustin and Max team up to find out where Eddie (a member of The Hellfire Club) has gone after a cheerleader’s body is found in his uncle’s trailer incredibly mangled due to the big bad guy of the season. It’s really interesting how Dungeons & Dragons becomes a part in this especially as that has been a common staple since the first season and now seems to hold a lot more weight than it used to. I think the big baddy is going to be really interesting to watch especially as so far it seems he takes a new victim each episode, and it will be interesting to see which of the main characters he decides to pray on, as I’m sure he will as the season continues.

This episode was very engaging, at no point did I get bored by any of the storylines being shown. I’m sure some may start to take a backseat while others up their excitement in future episodes, but for now I am very curious as to where this is going to go and what is going to happen, especially with Hopper being able to come back to the people he once knew and loved. So far the long run time hasn’t been an issue for me but we shall see whether that stays the case as less questions are being answered and more answers are being revealed, because usually in that moment that is when things start to change and feel less engaging than it did before.

I also find the gore of this season not too hard to watch. In one of my previous reviews I said that I had to turn away because I didn’t expect things to get that dark and gory. However in this season, it is gory, but it all makes sense for the context of the season and I feel because the kids have grown up more gore makes sense because the horror is growing up with them.

I’m very excited to see where this season goes, this episode was really fun once again and I’m enjoying all the different storylines that are happening, I just hope this momentum keeps going as we continue.

What do you think of Vecna’s Curse?

Until next time.

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