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Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey Review

So often when we think of cults we think of the 70s and 80s, of the Charles Manson‘s and the Jonestown massacre, however to think this cult was still around barely 20 years ago is absolutely terrifying and shows how easily people can still be indoctrinated into these people’s ways of living even in the 21st-century.

The fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is a cult that believes in polygamy in the family unit, where the amount of wives a man has shows his importance and godliness and means that when he does die he will be able to pass on to the next life and have an incredible everlasting existence because of how he was revered in this life.

Things change for this cult however when Warren Jeffs takes over as the new leader for the cult after his father‘s death. This death sparked a lot of questions within the cult because that leader, Rulon Jeffs, told the followers that he would never die and would simply come back as a young man. So the fact that he did die and his son took his place raised a lot of eyebrows as to the validity of the teachings and what this really all meant for the followers and their salvation.

A big issue that came with Warren Jeffs becoming the new leader was that he had a taste for younger girls and started to marry off girls within this cult from the ages of 14 onwards, especially the ones that were more unruly because he thought this would tie them to the cult, especially when they got pregnant. It’s very shocking to think that if he hadn’t started marrying off child brides he could’ve easily got away with everything else he was doing and not be convicted for anything, and I find it terrifying that he could easily still be in power today if he wasn’t so attracted to underage girls.

In the series on Netflix we speak to people who have left the church as well as watch found footage from church members themselves when they were still part of the cult, and they speak very candidly on how things changed after Rulon Jeffs’ death. We often wonder how people can get indoctrinated into these sorts of scenarios but really, as we see when we talk to these people, it’s not that hard of a thing to believe in. And the fact that many of them were born into it as well means that they know literally nothing else and have no independence to be able to leave if they did wish to.

I found this documentary really fascinating and really insightful into what this church was, and you have to wonder to this day, are there still people that practice polygamy in marriage and follow Warren Jeffs’ belief? We did see in the later episodes that people were still visiting him in jail and spreading his gospel from his jail cell, which is incredibly hard to believe, and you often wonder if he did have the chance to be released (which thankfully he doesn’t due to his life sentence) could he go back to being the President of the church? I do believe he would be welcomed with open arms and it’s a terrifying situation to see yourself in. All we can do is make sure that we are mentally sound of mind so that this sort of thing could never happen to us.

What do you think of Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey?

Until next time.

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