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The Kardashians Review

Unpopular opinion? I preferred this series of The Kardashians way more than any of the seasons of Keeping Up.

The Kardashians is the new reality series following the Kardashian family, mainly the women, as they continue their lives moving into more business ventures, more family changes and just being more of their authentic selves than I believe they were in Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, especially in the earlier seasons, a lot of the moments we saw on screen seemed to be fabricated as storylines for the show. They were tasked with doing things that maybe they wouldn’t have done in their day-to-day lives just for the sake of entertainment, however in this series we follow the Kardashians just doing their normal day-to-day lives as things are happening, and I feel that’s partly because they are more famous than they were in the original show but also now they have more stuff going on including business ventures and raising a family, there is more to sink your teeth into and find entertaining without being fabricated.

In this season we follow Kim as she does Saturday Night Live and speaks to many comedians for advice. Kourtney gets engaged to Travis and we see how their love continues to blossom, which can be a bit over bearing at times but is also lovely to see after all the issues she had with Scott, and of course Scott is still in the picture as he is the father of her kids and we see him dealing with this relationship change and how he slowly feels ostracised by the Kardashian clan themselves.

We see Kendall being the only childless Kardashian just doing life which was quite refreshing because not all of us as audience members have children so it’s quite nice to be able to connect with someone who is also not going through motherhood currently. Kylie is expecting her second child and pushing her cosmetics line even more, however these two didn’t get a lot of screen time and I wonder if there are more seasons if they will get more, especially after Kylie’s baby is born. Finally we have Khloe, who throughout the season we see her really trying to come to terms with Tristan and being a family again for True’s sake only for him to blow it in the final episode when we find out he has cheated on her and has possibly had a child with another woman, and everything has come to nothing because the relationship is finally broken down.

I think that’s the part that really interested me, the relationship aspect of the Kardashian’s and the people they end up dating, because so often because they are so famous the Kardashian’s could easily be used for their fame and popularity to push their partners into that same spotlight, or they could find it incredibly hard because they are constantly being hounded by paparazzi and have very little privacy. I’m interested if we get further seasons of the show how Pete Davidson comes into the fray, as he was teased in the last episode, he is a celebrity in his own right but I imagine his relationship with Kim is only going to send him to new heights.

I don’t think you need to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians to understand this show, yes there are some small moments that may be lost if you haven’t but because the Internet is so full of Kardashian memes and opinions anyway it’s very easy to catch up and understand what exactly is going on. I really enjoyed the season, I find watching the Kardashians really motivating for myself and inspiring and seeing this show really gave a new sense of glamour to the family and a new beginning for them to really become the businesswomen and mothers that I believe they can be and succeed at.

What do you think of the Kardashians?

Until next time.

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