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Stranger Things: Dear Billy Review

I had seen online people constantly going on about episode four of Stranger Things season four, and now watching it I can see why. I thought episode three was a brilliant moment but this one knocked it out of the park, I have never felt so tense watching a show.

Dear Billy follows the group once again now that Eleven has left with the government to get her powers back, we also see Joyce leaving the group with Murray to get Hopper from his Russian prison and this starts a whole new world of events for the group as they are now home alone and don’t have the protection of the adults.

For Mike and Will the world is turned upside down when the military turn up and try to kill them, something that we still haven’t found out as to why yet. While the group of Dustin, Lucas and Max are still trying to work out how they can save Max from Vecna as the only person who has survived his wrath is a man who is in jail for supposedly killing his entire family, but we know that it was in fact Vecna that killed them.

Nancy and Robin are the unlikely pair that team up and go out to meet this man to find out how he managed to escape Vecna, and it turned out that music was the answer, music was the thing that kept him grounded to the real world and away from the Upside Down. It’s also incredible to watch Max have a moment with Vecna where she is almost murdered and to be pulled back by her favourite song, seeing her run away from the dreaded demon to the sound of Running Up That Hill was so cinematic and incredible and now I understand the Internet hype on why they loved it so much because it is such an incredible moment.

Alongside these two story lines the Hopper one changes once again when they are double crossed by the Russian man they were using to help him escape. Joyce and Murray have been drugged, Hopper has been taken by the Russians once more as well as the armed guard that was helping him, and that’s where it left off. Constantly when we think something good is about to happen it changes immeasurably and constantly keeps you on your toes, you never know what’s going to happen in this season and having to write a review after each episode means that I cannot watch the next one despite the want to watch episode five so bad!

This season just keeps getting better and better, I’m so excited to see how they are going to bring all these storylines to a head and how they are all going to come together (if they do). It’s such a good series and I cannot recommend it highly enough, even if you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet I think you should go back to the beginning just to see how much it has grown throughout the seasons and how much has happened. While I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi this knocks that genre out the park and constantly keeps me engaged and excited for what is going to happen next.

What did you think of Dear Billy?

Until next time.

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