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Halftime Review

This documentary was incredibly motivating, seeing where J.Lo has been in her career and where she is going and all the amazing things she has done was so inspiring, as well as how incredible she looks at 50 years old! She is a wonder woman that any girl could look up to you and aspire to be like because she really doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in her body.

Halftime follows J.Lo as she prepares for the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira, however that isn’t all of the story that we are being told as we dive more into her past, going from her childhood and early days to her becoming the global superstar that she is today. One thing that I found really interesting in this documentary and something that I shouldn’t have been surprised by was all the negative press she got just for being a Latina woman, we all know as women that it’s very easy to be pulled apart by things that don’t matter like age, weight, dress sense, when we’re having children et cetera which men would never get. However to see her rise above it and come out so strong and so powerful and not allow it to affect her too much is absolutely incredible and really shows her resilience in what she does and her love for her craft as well.

J.Lo in this documentary turns 50 which of course is a huge milestone as any zero ending number is, but to see all that she is still doing at this age and being a mum and holding down relationship with Ben Affleck once more is absolutely incredible. She is such an inspiration and as you watch this documentary you can see how much hard work she has put in to become the person that she is today, and be a superstar in both the music, dance and acting world, and how she has no plans to stop yet. She’s literally a global phenomenon that I can imagine will take over the world and be remembered for many years to come because she is so versatile and great at everything that she puts her hands to.

If you want some motivation to give yourself a kick up the butt and go after those things that you’ve always wanted to pursue then this is a great documentary for it, because we see that throughout the whole documentary she has never been given anything, she has always had to work hard for what she wanted and she did it. I think that’s so impressive and really gives you that fire in your belly to think if she can do it I can do it too, it’s all about pursuing your passions and not allowing normal life to get in the way, don’t settle for what people think you should be doing in terms of marriage and kids and a steady job but if you have a passion for something go after it and see where it could take you. As we see with J.Lo, going after your dreams can give you so much happiness and power in the world that is constantly trying to drag people, especially people of colour, down.

What do you think of Halftime?

Until next time.

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