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Carriers Review

To think this film came out in 2009, it was so before it’s time. We can easily compare it to the pandemic we have gone through as there are a lot of similarities, and while it may not be the best film in the world, it is certainly a very poignant watch to watch in this day and age.

Carriers follows a group of four people, two women and two men who are brothers, as they travel America trying to get to a beach house that the two brothers used to go to as children. In this scenario a pandemic has happened where people, through airborne particles, become sick and slowly die. This pandemic could easily wipe out the whole world so therefore the group use masks, bleach, and saran wrap to keep themselves safe. Can you see the similarities to the Covid pandemic?

Through the film we see them come into contact with other people just trying to live in this new world, including a father trying to get his sick daughter to the hospital where he has been told there was an experimental vaccine being produced, however this turned out to be unsuccessful. As well as a group of survivors wearing hazmat suits living in a country club that end up almost killing the group because they cannot be trusted. We even see some of the group become infected too and them having to deal with what they have to do with this person when they know what they need to do but cannot do it due to the emotional ties they have to them.

It’s a really fun film, it’s quite short so easy to watch, and while it may not be the most incredible film in the world it certainly gives you a lot of food for thought to think about in terms of what we have gone through as a society and how they react to it in the film. I understand now why it’s trending on Netflix because it is so poignant, I do wish that it had more of a clear ending because the ending was a bit underwhelming, and while I enjoy just following this group for a short time to see what they do in this situation it did feel like there wasn’t really a course that we were going on and so any ending that we came to would’ve fallen flat because we would never know how this pandemic would pan out.

If you enjoy these sorts of films then I think you could really enjoy this one as well, as I said, it’s an easy watch but not too deep. However if you are still dealing with the ramifications of the pandemic and want to watch things that don’t remind you of our current situation and give you an escape from reality then I definitely recommend that you do not watch it because, with my watch through, all I can think of was the Coronavirus and how the similarities were so strong.

What do you think of Carriers?

Until next time.

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