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Stranger Things: The Nina Project Review

Finally an episode of Stranger Things that I didn’t enjoy as much as the others. This episode felt like a second beginning because a lot was being spoken about to insight interest but nothing was really unveiled which made it quite one note. I hope that this isn’t a trend that we see for the rest of the season.

Finally in this episode we get to follow Eleven as she returns to the base where she was experimented on and got her superpowers. She meets her old elder, ‘Papa” who we see from the first episode and was there when she did the massacre at the centre. Alongside this we still have Mike and Will and Jonathan trying to hunt Eleven down, but that’s not really going anywhere in this episode, as well as the other group of Nancy and Steve and the rest discovering the house that Vecna is attached to but not yet knowing how this will help them defeat the monster.

We also see Joyce and Murray still captured by the Russians and trying to figure out what to do when they are in a plane crash. As you can see there are a lot of storylines being created and opened in this episode but nothing comes to fruition yet, which did make it quite underwhelming.

I find with the previous episodes while some story lines were being opened and created others were on say chapter 2 or 3 of their story, so while some of them had a bit more meat on the bones to keep you engaged and excited I just felt with this episode all the storylines were quite fresh and new things were developing. There wasn’t much to hold on to and did feel quite underwhelming, yes of course we need episodes like this to build up to the exciting moments further down the line, but this was certainly not an episode that kept my attention or excited me.

I do expect that the episodes past this one will have more exciting moments to them because now that these moments have been created and the foundations laid in this episode they will have more to go into, but it is just a shame that it seems all of the storylines have hit a point in them where they had nothing new to be revealed and so none of them felt like they had much depth to them. Aside from this point the runtime didn’t feel too long despite being a longer episode and I am still intrigued by where it’s all going, but out of all the episodes I’ve seen so far, for me this one is definitely the weakest.

What do you think of The Nina Project?

Until next time.

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